Health & Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching

What is your vision for optimal wellbeing? Is there a gap between optimal wellbeing and your daily practices? How would it feel to close that gap and learn skills to enhance your health and wellbeing for life?

Health & Wellness coaching is the beginning of your journey to optimal wellbeing for life.  The practice is evidence-based, positive, and grounded in your purpose, values and strengths.

The process begins with one longer session to get to know you and your priorities and values.  From there, I will guide you to develop goals and action steps to move steadily forward toward improved wellbeing.  You will then choose follow up sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis.  These sessions provide opportunities to analyze success and to understand challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.  

Individual coaching allows for a private setting.

Wellbeing Workshops

The Wellbeing Workshop is a relational and collaborative approach to address the health and wellbeing of the whole person with the added gift of a compassionate, small group setting.  

The process is similar to individual coaching, but the group setting has connectedness built in.  Group members choose their own goals and action steps, but also get to choose partners and provide support to one another between sessions.  The optimal size for a group is eight participants.

The Wellbeing Workshop is perfect for families, groups of friends, or colleagues and anyone looking to grow in a community setting.  It promotes relational wellbeing through opportunities to give and receive understanding, support and new perspectives.  

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